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snotty nose and eyes

I am looking after a pregnant mini donkey while her owner is away. A few days ago she had diarrhea which I put down to her being close to giving birth.

Yesterday she had a lot of foal movement (put down to it getting into postition) but had raspy breathing, snotty nose and her eyes were slitted.

Called my vet who said she may just be going into labour, kept a close eye on her and today she looks even more sick, but her breathing isn't as bad. Foal isn't moving as much. Have left a message with my vet to advise him that I wanted him to call out and see her but haven't heard back from him yet.

any ideas?


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Martina Stuart

So wish I had found this a week ago the video suggests that this is a far from happy donkey and I would very much like to know his things progressed.
I also offer my sincere apologies for not responding sooner and I apologise for any inconvenience that may have caused you andfor any delay that may have caused the little donkey distress.
I am also interested to here how you managed to post the video. I do not understand technology and struggle as much with keeping up to date with that as I do responding to questions in the face off advancing years and increased work load.



Not to worry, :) the donkey is quite alright. The vet came out and suggested conjunctivitis which she was treated for, and she seems to be back to normal now. I am still not sure what the raspy breathing was, but it had settled by the time the vet arrived so it wasn't addressed.

to post the video I uploaded it to youtube (takes forever! lol) and then copy and pasted the link youtube gave me into the bit that allows me to on the question form :)

I used a lead that connects my phone directly to the computer, I have a youtube account so that's why I can upload there.

Am no tech expert but I am lucky enough to have a brother on the other end of the phone who is :)


Martina Stuart

thank you for that information. As you may have gathered I do not have a technosavvy brother on the end of the phone
So glad to hear that the little donkey is doing well.


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