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Swelling back leg just above pastern...

Hi, my old mare(25 yrs old) has what I think are wingalls just above her pastern on her rear left leg, she is showing all the right signs. i.e swollen pockets of fluid in all the right places.
But I'm worried as her leg is hot and she is profoundly lame. She has been stable rested for the last 10 days and cold hosed twice a day. I have also buted her one sachet a day in her feed. But no signs of improvement. Any advice, is it now time to call a vet.???


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Martina Stuart

One of my old bosses a long long time ago said if the horse looks lame in its head then check its foot. Meaning always check its foot first even if you are convinced the problem is higher up the limb. Infections in the foot cause acute lameness and often swellings around the fetlock joint. Wind galls themselves rarely cause lameness so first thing in the morning get a vet or a farrier to check out the foot Preferably a vet as if tyjhete is nothing found in the foot then you are going to need avet to her anyhow.
In the meantime you could poultice the foot with an animalintex or similar.
Also check out the tetanus vaccination status.


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