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We found strangles on our stable but we do not know where it comes from, now I am already for 8 weeks on this stable and now the owner wanders if my horse can be a carrier. But the first out-brake was round about 1.5 week ago. (the stable horses did go to a show, without my horse a week or so before the out brake) The ponies who came down with it were not near my horse but came in so now and then to be stabled. And a pony from someone else was boarded on our stable and she also had it. (she also went to the show).

My horse has never had strangles before, and does not have it now.
But now the owner wants to do a test on my horse, is that nescessary or can she not be a carrier without having had strangles herself first?


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It is alright, I called my vet today and she informed me that the time of the incubation of strangles and the time that my horse is boarded at this stable does not line up. So I do not have to worry about her being a carrier. The incubation time for strangles is two weeks and can take months to get rid of it.


Martina Stuart

I do suggest that divided our horse is fit and well clinically that immefiate vaccination would be a far more efficient isr of funds


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