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wobblers or back pain?

I had a chiro out to my horse about 2 months ago she was freely moving however i felt that there may of been a problem and as i had just broke her in i wanted to have her checked the woman came and she was highly recommended to me however since then she has been extremely choppy in trot and i couldn't ride her for about 3 weeks as she was really sore but she hasn't got much better and her canter used to be smooth but now shes awful :/ ive had the vet out n gave bute as 3/10ths lame but now he tginks its wobblers could it of been the chiro? Shes due out again this week as she thinks she just may of moved the problem


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Martina Stuart

so sorry, yet another technical and physical hitch! is it worth continuing?
I do hope you got her seen by a vet. doubt it would be Chiropracter but do discuss it with her


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