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Age:7 years
Breed:cob x
Vaccination History:Up to date

grumpy horse

Hi, for last week or so my mare has seems very grumpy, no particular reason, just not her normal chilled out self. She shows no sign of illness or lameness, eating and drinking as normal. She is a little head shy having her forlock touched, she was a bit head tossy as I rugged her and just had a grumpy look in her eye! Riden she was fine, a bit head tossy today towards and of ride and did throw two bucks but that is not totally uncommon to her! Any ideas? Something wrong? Bored of winter? Just being a mare? Teeth are upto date, saddle adjusted few months back (We have owned her a year now


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Martina Stuart

Grumpy and head shy or is it poll shy ? Check out temperature prod around ears poll larynx and Atlanta occipital joint wings of atlas etc and critically observe breathing pattern Observe ears eyelid angles opening of eyelids muzzle nostrils and lips are bilaterally symmetrical around an imaginary line drawn down from point of the mane to upper lips. If all is symetrical relatively unresented breathing normal rate and pattern temperature normal and no increase in nasal discharge then relax and keep observing. If any abnormalities observed ring your vet and arrange examination.
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