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Breed:cob cross
Vaccination History:Up to date
Fed On:Fast fibre, happy hoof, hay, grass
Kept:Lives out 24/7 with field shelter

becoming lazy

Hi, over the last few weeks my mare has become increasingly lazy when riden, she will go forward off the leg some days and / or if she is really excited (show, favorite hack in company, beach) but otherwise she is turning into a real kick along plod! This started when we moved yards a couple of months ago I thought it was just transioning from being stabled to living out and having loads more grass at this yard but surely she should be used to it by now? She is bright, shiny and healthy looking, eating, drinking, toileting, behaving normally. No change in appearance or personality except her lack of motivation being riden at times. Had her teeth done 4 months ago and annual vacinations 3 weeks ago all ok, I should of asked vet then but it wasn't worrying me as much then! Any ideas? Any different good to try? Supliments? (I don't ride, it's my daughter's horse) all ideas greatfully recieved!


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Martina Stuart

Any chance she could be in foal ?
It does sound like time for a check over. ? Sub clinical laminitis ?anaemia ? Liver.
Please keep in touch.



Stab in the dark but could she be bored, stale and fed up doing the same thing day after day and when in company or doing something other than everyday stuff she is happier?


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