Horses » Her cheek is swolen and we can't find why?


Her cheek is swolen and we can't find why?

My horse had her head court underneath the trailer that the hay goes on. She was reaching for small scraps of hay underneath and she got court, she was struggling until someone found her and she was brought in. For the first night she only had a graze and a small cut where it was bleeding.
But last night it started to swell with no heat, today it's still swollen with a little bit of heat. She has hibi scrub and anti-septic gel to keep it clean But we don't know what else to do?


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Martina Stuart

This could be a haematoma or blood blister in which case it will be soft and sqidgy and relatively painless in which case it can be left to settle for a day or 2 provided the mare is eating amd drinking normally. It may then need lancing.
If the swelling is hard or painfull or forms a pit after pressing wth your finger or thumb then there is either localised subcutanaeous infection which needs antibiotics and possibly painkillers or damage to the underlying bone which needs further investigation. In both cases I advise veterinary attention tomorrow.
If the trailer is wooden consider the possibility of splinters and check her tetanus vaccination status now. If her vaccinations have lapsed or you do not know when she was last vaccinated make sure she gets a dose of tetanus antitoxin tomorrow.


lindie and rachael

never heard of this before infection maybe?


lindie and rachael

oh my horse did in fact have one of these. if it is general swelling then an ice pack may help and if it is an oppen wound then clean with warm water. hownver if there is no visible cuts or grazes then the horse may need his/her teeth checking for overlapping teethh that need to be filed as my horse builds up at the side of her mouth near the cheek and comes out on the bit


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