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Feeding my boa constrictor

I offer my boa food about every 5 days but sometimes it will take instantly others guarding the food for upto 4 days. However on occassions if it has not eaten by 5 days I have to take the food out as it begins to smell under the heat. It may eat 3 rats over 2 weeks or nothing for 6 months is there anyway I can get the snake to become a regular feeder as there is no pattern except for accepting straight after a shed and not during, it has no weight loss and remains healthy so I do not think it is causing any damage.


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Martina Stuart

I do not know of any way of changeing a snakes natural habits. It is virtually imossible to tell when he is going to be hungry but you may get some idea if you work out a way of weighing it and recording the weight on a graph with marks when it is fed. Just be careful when removing the putrifying uneaten food. Maybe someone else has some handy tips.


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