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This question is related to: Brownie, Pepper, and mom the Hamster

Age:Mom had for 3 months. Babies for 2 months.
Breed:I don't know
Vaccination History:None
Fed On:Kaytee- forth diet
Kept:They are all kept together since it is mom( IDK what age is she) with the two babies(2 months).

All of them are sneezing 24/7, is that bad?

I'm a new hamster owner and I have been hearing all of my hamsters sneezing a lot I don't know if that is normal of not. They are kept in the same cage and I have Forth-Diet pine bedding and I clean the cage every week with a little bit of soap and water. I don't know if they are sick or not. Do I take them to the vet?


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Martina Stuart

It is not normal for them to be sneezing. It may well be something to fi with the pine bedding. Try changing the bedding and if not improving or if they go off their food then do get then seen by a vet.



Unless they're near anything else smelly like air fresheners or damp I would say change the bedding! Shredded paper is good, straw or tissue..


Martina Stuart

Good point about the air fresheners. Thank you for posting it.


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