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Amie and Jeff

This question is related to: Jeff the Rabbit

Age:3 months
Vaccination History:All vaccinations about 1 month ago
Fed On:Pellets
Kept:Cage in bedroom

Choking rabbit!!

Jeff has choked a fair few times before but the last couple of days he has constantly been choking. Maybe as much as once an hour. I have cleaned out his cage and that hasn't helped. I have noticed that he has started moulting so maybe this is the cause? As he is not always eating when this happens. He only has short hair though. He seems fine in himself and everything else seems fairly normal.


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Martina Stuart

Check his teeth for hair matted round. Brush him to remove as much hair as possible.
If nothing to see then contact local vets to find one that has a rabbit specialist.
Please keep us updated


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