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Age:12 weeks
Fed On:Nuggets, hay, occaisonal leaves.
Kept:Hutch and is out everyday for a run

Ranbit acting strange.

I have two rabbits about 12 weeks old. They are both very used to being picked up and handled. If anything they're usually calmer when I hold them than other people. They were fine on Saturday but on Sunday one of the rabbits was different. She lets me stroke her and sniffs my hands without nibbling. But as soon as I try and pick her up she freaks out and runs. If I do pick her up she scratches, bites and kicks. The other rabbit is still fine.


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Martina Stuart

she could be pregnant! or in season. Separate them physically by putting one of them in a separate wire cage alongside and in sight of the other and arrange to h get her checked out as soon as possible.
Be particularly mindful at this time of year about the possibility of fly strike if for any reason she is not grooming herself properly.


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