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This question is related to: Tiny and Littlefoot the guinea pigs

Age:2 years 6 months
Breed:black ridgeback and a white crested
Fed On:Burgess Excel nuggets , timothy hay , assorted fresh vegetables
Kept:In a large indoor run in an upstairs bedroom

Grieving pig

I'm devastated to report Tiny passed away on Friday. Her cagemate Littlefoot has been left behind and is now alone after 7 years together. I have Littlefoot checked by the vet who has given her the all clear but he says I am to ensure she keeps eating and drinking and spend a lot of time with her as she adjusts. I was wondering if it might be a good idea to bring Littlefoot to work with me during the day , in her pet carrier. I have my own office so it would just be the two of us. My idea was to keep a close eye on her as well as us keeping each other company. Is it a bad idea or are there any risks to her health in me doing this ? Also I have become deeply paranoid over her taking ill now. I'm struggling very badly and can;t even face eating myself any more. Please advise how I can get myself and Littlefoot through this awful time.


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Martina Stuart

I can think of no reason at all why you should not take her to work with you for both your sakes.
I understand the grief you feel and your anger is quite normal. It is part of the grieving process.
I do not claim to be an experienced homeopath though form some of the readings I have done then I recall calendula and pulsatilla as being remedies worth considering though I do suggest that you consult an experiences homeopath.
From a veterinary perspective then love cherish and probiotics are the best I can offer. Protein pro powder may help maintain a normal bowel flora as a digestive aid.
Please do keep us informed


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