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This question is related to: Harvey the Russian dwarf hamster

Age:9 months
Breed:Russian dwarf
Fed On:Selective Science Hamster and Harry Hamster + vegetables
Kept:Cage with bars, on Carefresh and with hemp fibres in a digging tower

Hamster small little red dot above eye


when I left my Russian dwarf hamster of 9 months, Harvey, this morning, he looked fine. Then when I came home a couple of hours later, I noticed that he had difficulty opening one of his eyes and had a very small red dot above his right eye. It also seems a tiny bit swollen but not a lot. Once he started eating, the eye opened up to a normal amount. He eats normally, he is very active as always. I haven't seen him drink yet but that might be because he drank while I was gone.

I already contacted our vet but she says she has no time for us today and to just keep an eye on it. There are no other vets in the neighbourhood with experience in hamsters. I was wondering, does this seem serious enough to any of you that I need to take a cab to another vet? I have no other means of transportation.

Thank you!


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Martina Stuart

Sorry I have not been able to respond sooner. Sounds like a physical injury but what from? If he is housed with another separate them spacially but not visually. If housed individually then searchvfir a cause in the cage.
Bathe the sore with warm solution of 1 teaspoonful if salt to a pint of water as often as you can. This concentration will not cause any problem if it gets in his eye but ideally the eye should be bathed with a similar dilution at body temperature.
If it isn't looking better in the morning insist on an appointment.


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