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Breed:Semi long hair moggy
Vaccination History:NA
Fed On:NA

Euthanise or not?

CKD stage 4
was started on Semintra for BP around February. No issues
Was then started on amlodopine 1.25mg

Was unable to have BP checked 3 weeks after starting to check dose due to pandemic situation as was not considered urgent.

Noticed changes in behaviour shortly after starting amlodopine. Quit being vocal and stopped chatting to me.

Lethargic, isn’t as interested in life, sleeps except to toilet. Is very weak now due to not eating. (Previously had a reasonable appetite until a week into the amlodopine).Will ask for food but be unable to eat. Gags

Noticed she was making a gulping noise and clawing and making faces as she eats.

Had fluid therapy and they took a look at teeth etc and Can find nothing wrong. No lesions or tumours or missing teeth. Bloods show nothing you wouldn’t expect for a cat with her medical history and age. No inflammation or markers to say there was anything more going on.

2 doses of cyproheptadine, stopped due to it sedating her.

Do I have any other options to try? My vets only have cerenia which doesn’t appear to work..,? Should I let her pass at home providing she’s stays comfortable?

Thank you so much!


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Considering euthanasia this coming week, she is not distressed is drinking, and my vet is happy to keep her going but she is sleeping the clock around.. On Wednesday I couldn’t get any amlodopine into her and she ate some cat soups. Back to not eating and very nauseated today after amlodpine was started again.

As a lay person I cannot tell what if anything is related to the amlodopine (is it coincidence she went steeply downhill 5 or 6 days after starting that?)

Many many thanks


Martina Stuart

Good afternoon. Well done for looking after her for so long. 23 is no ,wan age for a mogg,
It also sounds as though your vets should also be congratulated! They have obviously pulled out all the stops.
My concern is that natural causes death complicated by kidney failure is unfortunately rarely peaceful. Is it possible to liaise with your vets by video call on whatsap or Skype or similar and be guided by them?
My gut feeling says keep her on the medications and reassess in the morning.
God luck with her.



Thank you for your reply I really appreciate the time.

We have after much tooing and frowing arranged to euthanise tomorrow. I feel it’s the right thing to do as she will not eat anything now and is anorexic. I don’t want a horrible death for her, she has been the most amazing companion for such a long time.

Your response also gives me comfort in that this is the right course of action,

Best regards and thanks!


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