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Breed:long haired domestic
Vaccination History:needs boosters
Fed On:sheba
Kept:At home in the house. Well loved

Pus seeping out

Sooty 2 has not been himself for a few days. He lives with my elderly parents. They said that he gets like this when there is another cat in the neighbourhood.
I saw him on Friday - he had some crusted fur on his head. I tried to move it to see if there was an injury and the fur came off...leaving a small skin area a little smaller than a penny.
The fur really smelled. I put some sterile water on a tissue and dabbed the patch it had left. Was a little yellow on the tissue, and it smelt. Spoke to the vet who said leave it til Mon. No blood or open wound of any kind.
Today Sooty has been sleeping most of the day. Mum said that "a load of pus came out of the area ". She said it still smells.

Do I need an emergency vet?

Should I call the vet in the morning - I am assuming he will need some antibiotics of some sort?
He HAS eaten today but is just not as enthusiastic about dreamies and going out as he normally is. Hope that all makes sense xx


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Martina Stuart

I do apologise for not answering your question earlier. Bathing an abscess with often be all that is required but if the cat is in any way poorly or off his food then veterinary attention is necessary.



Thank you Martina :) He is completely recovered now - you were right that bathing regularly was all that was needed. He is right as rain and very enthusiastic about dreamies and chasing squirrels again :) xx


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