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Age:1 year old
Breed:Golden Retriever
Vaccination History:8/19/2017
Fed On:Alpo Dog food
Kept:Inside the house

Truffle oil for dogs?

Hey guys! I just wanted to know if some of you have tried using truffle oil for your pups/dogs. Ive heard that cbd for dogs is a new thing now but i dont really know about the truffle oil? I was reading some article about what this truffle is here in but im just not convince enough. I wanted to hear your thoughts about it. Thanks :)


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Martina Stuart

Don't even think about!
But then I know nothing about magic mushrooms even though i eat mushroom. Similarly i like the flavour of truffles but wouldn't touch magic truffles and i suspect that giving them to an animal will be very unpredictable dangerous and potential criminal.



Getting some fantastic results from CBD oil though Stuart if you've time for a read. Seen excellent results for slowing down tumours and also helping with seizures.


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