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Ali Sharpe

This question is related to: Belle the Dog

Age:14 weeks
Breed:Cocker spaniel
Weight:4 kg
Vaccination History:All puppy vacs done
Fed On:Pedigree puppy dry
Kept:In the home. Family pet

Pet remedy spray

Hi. Was looking for advice on how safe this product is. My pup gets a little anxious in her crate when we go out (2 hours alone) and I was wondering if a little spray of this on her bedding would help? It's a natural product.


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Martina Stuart

i have no direct experience of the use of this product. I am aware that Adaptil vapourisers are sometimes effective. I suggest that you try it and see and please let us know the outcome.
I would also suggest that you try to provide a Den area for the puppy. Try a dog crate with a light cover in a quiet area of the house that can be the puppies private place. Make it comfortable and provide water and occasionally food if going to be left for any length of time (4+hours at this age) and a toy or 3!. Soft music ( classic fm ) and a ticking clock next to the den may also help. Get her used to the Den as a place of rest and refuge rather than a dungeon of correction by playing with her in it and settling her in there when there are folks about. Tell any kids it is her place and ensure they respect that.
Good luck


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