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This question is related to: Daisy the Dog

Age:2.5 years
Breed:jack russell
Vaccination History:Up to date on everything. Had anal glands removed, nervous and is quite sensitive
Fed On:Forthglades adult
Kept:At home

Not eating but seams fine

Daisy refused to eat her breakfast, or a treat. She is still playful, eyes bright, her gums etc are ok and she has no trouble pooping. She is normally a very greedy gannet. She did get a hold of some dog food my nan gave me (I was going to give it to charity as its not what they eat) There was packaging everywhere. We managed to account for the majority of it but there were a few tiny pieces missing. I've had to go to site but have a camera on her but I finish early so do you think its worth a walk to the vets?


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Martina Stuart

I apologise for not responding earlier. I suspect that time will have answered your question by now. I hope that the outcome is favourable as I suspect that she will have just eaten too much and has by mow got over it. Not that it is likely to stop her repeating the process if allowed to.
In the event of her deteriorating then I trust that you have had her to the vets,
I am sorry this is not in time to save you the anxiety of the wait and pray it has not adversely affected her.



Shes fine. She had the runs for a day but shes back to her normal self. We do think however that there are some issues with allergies as her eyes are very weepy etc so we are keeping an eye on that and considering getting her allergy tested.


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