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This question is related to: Eddi the Patterdale dog

Age:About 2
Weight:8.5 kg
Vaccination History:Not sure
Fed On:Wainwrights
Kept:House dog

Two cuts on paw

A week last Sunday the dog returned from is walk and where he walked there was a little blood. I inspected his paw and it wasn't too bad, so I covered it on walks and bathed it with saline. It recovered well. However, on Saturday night there was a slight amount of blood on the floor again. I checked the wound, although there was a slight gap there was no blood. I then found another cut which was at the side of the other pad which was small and showed red. I've dressed that cut and it is improving thought there is still a bit of red though it's not bleeding. Does he need to go to the vet or can I carry on treating him?
I know this dog is going to cost us more money, hence I want to treat these cuts myself if possible, if not, of course I will take him to the vet. Any advice on how to treat the cuts? There is no sign of infection and neither bleed now. Thanks in advance.


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Martina Stuart

It is highly unlikely that these wounds would be stitchable so my advice is keep bathing in saline and protect the wound when he is going walkabouts.
Bandage or Nikki boot should do that job.
Avoid ointments and if any suggestion of local infection or swelled na up the limb then it will be necessary to get him to a vet immediately.



Thanks much for your advice. I keep checking that there is no swelling or infection. The second wound which hadn't healed as good as the first one is now starting to heal.


Martina Stuart

Keep them protected when out and him on a clean dry surface when indoors. Do not use any detergents bleach or disinfectants on areas he is walking on when the wounds are not protected. If any contamination occurs then clean by spraying or dunking ( whichever he tolerates best!)in saline 1 heaped teaspoonful of salt to a pint of boiled water cooled to approximately body heat. If in doubt check it on any wound or sore you may have first. It should not sting at all. If it does it is too strong or too weak a solution,
Good luck.
If in doubt get him to a vet.
Deep pad wounds can be sutured if seen within a few( 2-3 hours) of occurance.


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