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Breed:Shih Tzu

Peeing indoors

My dog has peed in the house twice this week whilst I’ve been at work. It is very unlike him and he is used to be left alone.
I have noticed he’s drinking much more due to the hot weather, so wondered maybe he just can’t hold it? He is 8 years old.
He’s fine overnight and the pee looks normal, no blood or anything.
His food hadn’t changed. I have recently started him in a glucosamine treat chew in the last month. Don’t know whether that could contribute to the problem?



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Martina Stuart

I doubt that the glucosamine itself will be responsible for this though it is possible that the base of the chew and in particular the salt content may be significant. Try stopping them and see what happens.
Do get a sample of urine tested ideally a fresh sample a small clean pan may help with this. Get it tested for specific gravity glucose protein and urea levels. Do not restrict his water until his blood urea has been assayed.
Please keep us informed.


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